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Freelance Writing

Articles written for Asia TV Forum & Market, 2022

"Trailblazing with a Winning Formula" [link]

Monika Rudijono, Managing Director of Vidio

"Asia's trump card lies in talent growth" [link]

Justin Deimen, President of 108 Media, Samir Sarkar, Producer of Magic Hour Films, and Vani Tripathi Tikoo, Actor and Producer

"Future-proofing with IP expansion" [link]

Guo Jing Yu, Executive Chairman and Group CEO of G.H.Y Culture & Media

"Making Media and Entertainment Sustainable"

Phil Holdgate Head of Production Sustainability of ITV Studios

"Good Content and Brilliant People Survive and Prosper"

Jimmy Kim, Managing Director of Genflix

"Keeping up with the Kids"

Serkan Semiz, Founder of VFX Istanbul

"A Multi-modal Approach for A Winning Formula"

Virginia Lim, Chief Content Officer of Mediacorp

Articles written for Asia TV Forum & Market, 2021

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